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  • Maalik Falsetto


Muse is a short film starring two college students – Shiro Curry (Freshman) and Donte James (Junior). On a quest to become a celebrity photographer, Shiro is invited to a party hosted by the student government president and popular varsity athlete Donte James. During an intimate moment at the party, Donte becomes both a subject and a love interest to Shiro as he lets his guard down for the first time. Shiro, too, learns to be more confident about himself, and the person he wants to become. When a cop stops the party and interrupts their bonding, Donte must intervene and put back on his “Student Government President” hat, leaving Shiro alone with his best friend Willow. As the party ends Shiro and Donte engage in a last private conversation, committing to help each other become the men they are truly meant to be.

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