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"Two college students meet at a party, realizing that they may need to rely on each other more than they know."

Muse is a short film starring two college students – Shiro Curry ( A Freshman) and Donte James ( A Junior). 
On a quest to become a celebrity photographer, Shiro is invited to a party hosted by the student government president and popular varsity athlete Donte James.

Eliya Lakota as Shiro Curry (@eliya.lakota)
Gregory Taylor Hill as Donte James (gregory.taylor.hill)
Isis Elizabeth as Willow Banks (@theisiselizabeth_)

Producer/Executive Producer/ Creator: Maalik Falsetto (@iammaalikfalsetto)
Director: Max Zuckert (@zuckertalert)
Screenwriter: Ariana R Jordan (@ari_arj)
Editor: Lydia Rogers (@lydiarosa15)
Director of Photography: (annvfilms)

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